Dr. Omesh BajpaiExecutive
Mr. Ram Chandra BajpaiDirector of Administration &
Ms. RichaDirector of Finance &
Mr. Mohit BajpaiSenior Advisor (Marketing)
Division of Plant Sciences
Dr. Himanshu RaiDirector and Scientist (Cryptogam Biology)
Dr. Sanjay RanjanScientist (Plant Physiology)
Dr. Harsh SinghScientist (Ethnobotany and Pharmacology)
Dr. Omesh BajpaiScientist (Phytodiversity, Ecology and Conservation)
Dr. Sachin K. MandotraScientist (Bio-fuel)
Dr. Kasim KhanScientist (Molecular Biology)
Dr. A. R. LogeshScientist (Mangrove & Estuarine Ecology)
Division of Environmental Sciences
Dr. Vimal C. PandeyDirector and Scientist (Phytoremediation)
Dr. Ashish K. MishraScientist (Ecology, EIA)
PERI Consultancy Services
Dr. Manoj K. SoniSenior consultant (Agriculture)
Note: All the PERI staffs are non-salaried and served the institute on consultancy bases.