About Us
Plant and Environmental Research Institute (PERI), an autonomous research and academic organisation was established by Society for Tropical Plant Research registered under ‘State Society Registration Act No. 21, 1860E. Currently, it is managed and owned by "Social, Educational and Environmental Afflux Trust" (SEEAT). The institute deals with the research and academics of Plants, Environment, Plant-Environment Interaction, and extension of research outcomes. Under these major areas, the institute contributed significantly in Phytodiversity, Conservation, Agriculture, Climate Change, Ecosystem (Structure, Function & Services), Pollution Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Consultancy, Social & Educational Awareness, Empowerment and many other fields.

PERI sought to explore and solve the issues related with plants (Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms & Lichenised as well as non Lichenised fungi), Environment and their interactions for a better tomorrow for future generation. This can be achieved only by knowing the structure and function of plants and environment along with their expected reaction against the changing global scenario.

Mission: PERI would support society, industry and government to know our green wealth and environment for sustainable development by serving as think tank and by providing the advanced and operational solutions.


  1. Exploratory studies of plants for their conservation.
  2. Development of understanding of ecosystem structure, function & services for their sustainable succession.
  3. Knowing the interaction of plants & environment and the factors affecting their relations.
  4. Work towards the sustainable and profitable agriculture.
  5. Conservation and promotion of non-commercial local crop varieties.
  6. Provide the facts based and operational solutions to solve environmental hitches.
  7. Develop the common understanding of plants and environment in between students, general public and policy makers.
  8. Train the next generation of teachers, researchers, resource managers for making capable them to address and solve the plant and environment related issues.

Support us for better and sustainable environment through improving knowledge base of plants & environment and its implementation.